Thorough Drug Screening & Background Checks

Light Industrial Work - Background Checks

Have confidence in your staff. Productive Staffing LLC in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, offers thorough drug screening and background checks for your employees or prospective hires. 

Drug Testing

Ensure your employees are drug free. We are state-certified to do hair follicle drug testing. This is great for pre-employment screenings. The employee comes to us, we collect a specimen, and we have the results within 24-48 hours.

Background Checks

Avoid surprises when hiring new employees. We do thorough criminal background checks and check prior employment history. We also administer field testing to ensure skills listed on an applicant's resume can actually be performed by the applicant.

Safety Equipment

Safety on the job is of utmost importance. We sell a wide range of safety equipment for construction and light-industrial work. As a local distributor, we have affordable prices and can deliver directly to a job site. Discounts are available for volume clients. Our selection of personal protective equipment (PPE) includes:

• Safety Glasses • Ear Plugs • Hard Hats • Safety Vests

Contact us to hire with confidence.